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Enjoying the outdoors looking out for the homes for fairies, pixies and mystical creatures

Enjoying the outdoors looking out for thehomes for fairies, pixies and mystical creatures


This lovely little boy was on the  look out for a mystical magical creatures during a walk. We have been informed here at Designed by Soriska that  that during his country walk he spotted a place where fairies and pixies reside. As you can imagine it was an exciting walk defiantly one to be remembered. 

We recommend that you search  in small  holes, nooks and crannies when out an about - explore the countryside and keep your eyes wide open you never know what you might see. 


Take a look around our site perhaps you have room to add one of our fairy door portals in your home or garden?

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  • Joannnetx on

    What a lovely idea. Children should definitely be outside more exploring our beautiful countryside

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