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Baked Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate - Perfect after a strenuous Bike Ride

The Original plan following today's bike ride was to light the BBQ and toast some marshmallows. However; we ran out of time and I quickly had to come up with a plan B.Baked marshmallows

Fortunately; I had some baking paper in the cupboard and we already had the marshmallows  - so we experimented. I warmed up the oven to "hot", placed  the Very large marshmallows at intervals apart on baking paper and then put them in the oven for 5 minutes. What resulted was a sticky gooey melted marshmallow mess- only edible with a fork but so sweet gooey and yummy. So this new way for us to enjoy marshmallows worked a treat. Baked Marshmallows

I was a little worried that the sticky gooey would not wash of my plates or cutlery but fortunately much to my surprise a little hot water and the goo was gone. Baked Marshmallow

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